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  1. Indonesian TTS (IndoTTS)

In the version 0.9.23d, program will display "confirmation to continue" each 20 sentences, in the 0.9.24 version, program will display "confirmation to continue" each 30 sentences and fix up several internal bugs.

If you are SDK users, please re-download ITTS_DLL.dll in SDK page.


  1. Indonesian Diphone Database (16KHz version). Standard telecommunications services need 8kHz version of Diphone Database. Please email me for 8kHz version.


  1. IndoTTS SDK (ask by email to aa@lss.ee.itb.ac.id or aa_arman@rocketmail.com). SDK consist of program interface and sample application program.
  • Borland Delphi
  • Visual Basic
  • C++

Please declare your name, institution (or personal), and the purpose of using SDK.


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