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TTS is a system that convert any text sentence in a specific language to be a speech in the same language. IndoTTS is Indonesian TTS. IndoTTS can convert any Indonesian text to be Indonesian speech.

TTS is very language dependent system. English TTS was already available for a long time, but high quality and complete Indonesian TTS not available until 2000. Why? Current high quality TTS use diphone concatenation technology. To build TTS using that technology, we need a diphone database for each language. Indonesian diphone database not available until 2000.

First Indonesian Diphone Database was created by Arry Akhmad Arman (aa_arman@rocketmail.com, aa@lss.ee.itb.ac.id) in Belgium in 2000 (called id1). Thanks to anyone that support me to go to Belgium, also to Thierry Dutoit to let me work in his laboratory in Mons, Belgium. Id1 diphone database is property of Arry Akhmad Arman and ITB. id1 can be used for free for any non-commercial and non-military use. It's prohibited to use id1 diphone database without permission for any commercial use, even only for demonstration.

On May 2003 IndoTTS shown in Indonesian Product Exhibition (Pameran Produksi Indonesia 2003) in Jakarta. IndoTTS recognized as one of the superior Indonesia product.



Now, the limited version of IndoTTS also it's SDK available for free for non-commercial use at this site and its mirror. With this free version, anyone can build Indonesian TTS based application with minimum effort. Please feel free to send me any comment or bug report.

This is the specifications of IndoTTS

  1. Receive sentence or paragraph (multiple sentence) input
  2. Dynamic Indonesian Intonations
  3. Direct output to Soundcard
  4. Using High Quality Diphone Concatenation Technology
  5. Using Indonesian Diphone Database (free for non-commercial use only)
  6. Supported by updatable database that contain 2500 entries to spell "e" in Indonesian
  7. Program interface for Borland Delphi, Visual Basic and C++.

With IndoTTS SDK you can make IndoTTS as part of your applications.


Thanks to melsa.net for mirroring this site for free.


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